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RV Cap Coating

  • 4 hr
  • 500 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

The Glidecoat RV Cap Kit is the best solution for RV cap protection and restoration. To start, the kit includes our Nano Wash, Nano Compound and Nano Polish products, which will allow you to clean, remove existing oxidization or scratches and restore the shine of your front end. But the true value of our RV Cap Kit is the RV Ceramic Coating, the benefits of which are listed below: BENEFITS Hard Barrier: Once the coating cures, it creates a diamond hard barrier to protect your front cap. Bonds with the surface: Our coating actually fills the pores of the surface allowing the coating to bond with the surface. This prevents the coating from washing away or removal from abrasion. Reflects UV: The coating actually reflects harmful UV which prevents sun damage, fading and oxidization. Multi-Surface: Safe for use on fiberglass, painted aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic and more. Long lasting: The coating will last for up to 18 months in extreme conditions – 6-8 times longer than wax. Heat resistant: Unlike wax, our RV Ceramic Coating is not susceptible to heat and will not melt or evaporate. High Gloss Finish: The coating creates an ultra high-gloss finish which shines better than new. Clear and Vibrant: The ceramic coating remains clear and will not yellow over time. The coating remains clear and ensures the colors and graphics of your front cap stay vibrant. Easy to clean: The coating creates a super smooth hydrophobic surface which repels contaminants. Simply spray down and wipe dry to remove any bugs or road dirt. Cost: The coating is much less expensive as compared to custom fitted bras or PPF. Easy re-application: Future coats can be applied without having to remove previous ceramic coating applications.

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  • Charlotte


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