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RV Ceramic Coating

  • 20 hr
  • Starting at $40/foot
  • Location 1

Service Description

Compared to other vehicles, RV's have the added challenge of gelcoat, which is much more porous than painted aluminum or steel. Through exposure to the elements, especially UV, gelcoat becomes even more porous, which leads to staining, difficulty cleaning and even a cloudy, chalky, yellow appearance caused by oxidation. Simply remove oxidation and surface imperfections with Glidecoat compounds and polishes. Then top with Glidecoat RV Ceramic Coating to restore your gelcoat to a better-than-new finish. Our ceramic coating fills the pores of your RV’s gelcoat and bonds directly to the surface to provide protection that has been tested and proven to far outlast traditional wax products. *Dramatically reduces maintenance - no waxing is required and cleaning is a breeze. *Creates a diamond-hard coating that resists scratches and repels stains from acid rain, bird droppings, mud, dirt and other road contaminants. *Reflects UV rays, providing long-term protection from sun damage and oxidation. *Laboratory and in-field tests prove a minimum of 18-month protection with more depending on location, usage and storage. Learn more about our testing methodology here. *Higher ceramic content makes it strong enough for gelcoat, but can also be applied to painted surfaces, glass or metal. *Extends the life of your gelcoat or paint. *Gloss and color rejuvenation - Restores color and gloss 35% more than traditional wax. *Water beads off - improving wet weather driving visibility. *Removes haze and oxidation from headlights to restore their original shine. *Perfect for winter protection - prevents ice and snow adhesion and repels salt. *Improved aerodynamics for any coated surface.

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