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Bringing Mobile Automotive, Marine, RV and Fleet Detail services to you!

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The "DNT Detail"

Bringing back that new car feeling.

                                                              - Rinse all exterior surfaces
                                                              - Hand wash all exterior surfaces
                                                              - Wheels cleaned & dressed
                                                              - Interior vacuum
                                                              - Interior panels cleaned
                                                              - Leather conditioned

*Heavily soiled areas will be spot treated

*Recommended every 3 months
*Additional changes for large trucks, SUV's, pet hair removal and excessively dirty vehicles.

Starting at $160

Wash & Wax

                                                 Washed and waxed to bring back that shine.
                                                       - Rinse & foam exterior surfaces
                                                       - Hand wash all exterior surfaces
                                                       - Wheels cleaned & dressed
                                                       - Clay bar paint decontamination
                                                       - Exterior wax 
                                                       - Interior vacuum

                                                       - Interior panels cleaned

                                                       - Leather conditioned

*Heavily soiled areas will be spot treated

*Recommended every 6 months
*Additional changes for large trucks, SUV's, and excessively dirty vehicles.

Starting at $240

Paint Correction

We start with our hand wash and decontamination of the vehicle to prepare the paint to be restored to it's like new condition .

With this paint correction, our goal is to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved finished surface. We use a compound to remove swirls, scratches, and randomized defects from the clear coat to bring back that factory like finish.

We the apply a finish polish to remove any remaining light swirls or scratches to add optical clarity, color  and depth to the paint.

Once the correction stages are complete, the vehicle can then be finished with a high-quality wax  or a Ceramic Coating for that added shine and protection.

Cars $350 / Midsize $450 / Over-Sized $600

Ceramic Coating

Glidecoat’s Pro Auto 9H Kit is all you need to provide a long lasting shine that is quick and easy to apply and repels dirt, salt, road contaminants, bugs, stains and rain, providing the best protection for your vehicle.

Glidecoat’s Auto 9H fills in the pores of your vehicles paint, and bonds directly with the surface, creating a hard protective barrier over top of the surface. This protective barrier is extremely hydrophobic, repelling dirt, water, and other contamination, making ongoing maintenance of your vehicle a breeze! Auto 9H also provides your vehicle with incredible gloss and shine! Giving your vehicle that desirable “glass” like finish.

     Gloss and color rejuvenation
     Provides a hard coating resisting scratches and stains
     Restores color and gloss 35 percent more than traditional wax
     Reflects UV rays, providing long term protection from sun damage
     Repels stains from acid rain, bird droppings and pollen
     Once Glidecoat Auto 9H is applied, no waxing is required – significantly reducing maintenance

**Includes all exterior painted surfaces only. Price does not include paint correction.**

Cars $600 / Midsize $700 / Over-Sized $800

RV Cap Coating

The Glidecoat RV Cap Kit is the best solution for RV cap protection and restoration. To start, the kit includes our Nano Wash, Nano Compound and Nano Polish products, which will allow you to clean, remove existing oxidization or scratches and restore the shine of your front end. But the true value of our RV Cap Kit is the RV Ceramic Coating, the benefits of which are listed below:


Hard Barrier: Once the coating cures, it creates a diamond hard barrier to protect your front cap.

Bonds with the surface: Our coating actually fills the pores of the surface allowing the coating to bond with the surface. This prevents the coating from washing away or removal from abrasion.

Reflects UV: The coating actually reflects harmful UV which prevents sun damage, fading and oxidization.

Multi-Surface: Safe for use on fiberglass, painted aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic and more.

Long lasting: The coating will last for up to 18 months in extreme conditions – 6-8 times longer than wax.

Heat resistant: Unlike wax, our RV Ceramic Coating is not susceptible to heat and will not melt or evaporate.

High Gloss Finish: The coating creates an ultra high-gloss finish which shines better than new.

Clear and Vibrant: The ceramic coating remains clear and will not yellow over time. The coating remains clear and ensures the colors and graphics of your front cap stay vibrant.

Easy to clean: The coating creates a super smooth hydrophobic surface which repels contaminants. Simply spray down and wipe dry to remove any bugs or road dirt.

Cost: The coating is much less expensive as compared to custom fitted bras or PPF.

Easy re-application: Future coats can be applied without having to remove previous ceramic coating applications.


RV Ceramic Coating

Compared to other vehicles, RV's have the added challenge of gelcoat, which is much more porous than painted aluminum or steel. Through exposure to the elements, especially UV, gelcoat becomes even more porous, which leads to staining, difficulty cleaning and even a cloudy, chalky, yellow appearance caused by oxidation.

Simply remove oxidation and surface imperfections with Glidecoat compounds and polishes. Then top with Glidecoat RV Ceramic Coating to restore your gelcoat to a better-than-new finish. Our ceramic coating fills the pores of your RV’s gelcoat and bonds directly to the surface to provide protection that has been tested and proven to far outlast traditional wax products.

     *Dramatically reduces maintenance - no waxing is required and cleaning is a breeze.
     *Creates a diamond-hard coating that resists scratches and repels stains from acid rain, bird droppings, mud, dirt and other road contaminants.
     *Reflects UV rays, providing long-term protection from sun damage and oxidation.    
     *Laboratory and in-field tests prove a minimum of 18-month protection with more depending on location, usage and storage. Learn more about our testing methodology here.
     *Higher ceramic content makes it strong enough for gelcoat, but can also be applied to painted surfaces, glass or metal.
     *Extends the life of your gelcoat or paint.
     *Gloss and color rejuvenation - Restores color and gloss 35% more than traditional wax.
     *Water beads off - improving wet weather driving visibility.
     *Removes haze and oxidation from headlights to restore their original shine.
     *Perfect for winter protection - prevents ice and snow adhesion and repels salt.
     *Improved aerodynamics for any coated surface.

Starting at $40 a foot

Marine Detail

Detailing your boat is an essential part of preventative maintenance for both the interior and exterior surfaces. In addition it has the benefit of making it look good again!

Our marine services provide interior and exterior services.

Exterior services:
     Boat/Pontoon wash
     Aluminum pontoons cleaned/restored
     Trailer cleaned (to include wheel & tire  prep)
     Exterior window cleaning
     Wash engine

Interior services:
     clean vinyl/leather & carpets
     Clean cup holders, tables & storage areas
     clean interior windows

Additional services available:
     Stain extraction
     Buffing to remove oxidation
     Polishing to restore faded surface & gloss
     Marine Ceramic Coating (Glidecoat Pro Marine)

Starting at $30 a foot

Marine Ceramic Coating

When it comes to marine surfaces, they suffer horribly from exposure in harsh conditions. High levels of UV exposure as well as small surface defects caused by water, salt, acid rain, and general usage, wreaks havoc on your boat. Surfaces will degrade and oxidize over time resulting in loss of sheen, discoloration or both. Beyond the tired appearance, we know that this also results in decreased performance, reduced responsiveness and declining fuel efficiency.

The truth of the matter is that even with traditional surface protection methods, such as wax, functions such as UV blocking, stain and salt resistance, fail within weeks and continue to diminish sharply after that time. Glidecoat Pro Marine Ceramic Coating delivers superior protection for up to 18 months – far exceeding traditional products.

Our coating uses nano-technology to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on surfaces like marine gel coat, paint, and polished metals, such as stainless steel and brass. This creates a super-smooth highly hydrophobic surface, greatly reducing maintenance. Contaminates like dirt, salt and fish blood sit on top of the surface rather than absorbing into the pores. A simple rinse or light wash down and towel dry after use is all that is needed to remove these contaminants, leaving your boat just as shiny as the day it was coated.

Starting at $40 a foot

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A collection of vehicles we've renovated with passion:

2013 Ford Mustang
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We love anything that moves and wanted to share our passion for detailing excellence with other enthusiasts! After perfecting my processes over the years, and many enthusiasts inquiring about our cars, we decided to bring our special touch to other detail fanatics. From preparation for your next car show, putting your boat in the water,  or just bringing back that glossy shine you once had, we can help you achieve the finish you are looking for. My passion for detailing and perfection is transferred into every mode of transportation I touch. From show cars to daily drivers, jet ski's to boats, trailers to RV's, we us the best products and equipment available to provide the best finishes possible.

DNT Detail operates on a part time basis through appointment only while focusing on one customer at a time to providing a truly personal customer experience . Our business is built on a referral and repeat customer basis as we continue to strive and deliver an amazing product that continues to exceed our customers expectations. We look forward to working for you next!


Anything detailing by a true automotive enthusiast bringing out the best in every vehicle!



10% Discount on all services for Military, Police, and first responders.

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